Setup Postgres, and GraphQL API with Hasura on Azure

Key Technologies: Hasura, Postgres, Terraform, Docker, and Azure. I created a data model to store railroad systems, services, scheduled, time points, and related information, detailing … More

Development Machine Environment Build & Language Stack Installations – Browsers & IDE’s

In this video I put together some basic IDE’s and browsers I install. In the case of browsers that includes more than a few. For the case of IDE’s it’s my standard arsenal of Jetbrains IDE’s and Visual Studio Code. For the previous step in this series, check out the Base OS Load post.

Wat?! Ugh Terraform State is Complicated Sometimes! ‘url has no host’

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Development Workspace with Terraform on Azure: Part 4 – DSE w/ Packer + Importing State 4 Terraform

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Development Workspace with Terraform on Azure: Part 3 – Next Step Kubernetes

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