Development Machine Environment Build & Language Stack Installations – Browsers & IDE’s

In this video I put together some basic IDE’s and browsers I install. In the case of browsers that includes more than a few. For the case of IDE’s it’s my standard arsenal of Jetbrains IDE’s and Visual Studio Code. For the previous step in this series, check out the Base OS Load post.

JavaScript Development Environments (Unabridged Results)

About two weeks ago I put together an initial list of JavaScript Tools & IDEs. Over the last week at OSCON, talking to a number of people who are into and using JavaScript on a daily basis, I’ve come up with a larger list of tools and IDEs.

Browsers On Your Dev Machine

Internet Explorer
Tools I’m Using…

Visual Studio 2010 w/ ReSharper 6 (Microsoft + JetBrains)
RubyMine (Jetbrains)
WebStorm (Jetbrains)
Firebug on Firefox
Tools I’m Trying Out…

JS Fiddle
JS Test Driver
Chirpy (Coffeescript -> JS Compilation)
Web Workbench (Mindscape)
Sublime Text 2
Suggestions From The Twitterverse! Thanks Everybody.

JoshuaPoehls (Joshua Poehls) JS Fiddle, Jasmine, JS Test Driver
davidalpert (David Alpert) Firebug + Aptana
xinmyname (Andy Sherwood) Chirpy, Web Workbench
encosia (Dave Ward) VS2010, PhpStorm, Notepad2, Vim, & Textmate depending on the project…
danemorgridge (Dane Morgridge) Macvim, Textmate, and Chrome
lazycoder (Scott Koon) WebStorm, vim Chrome dev tools, Google Closure Compiler
jerrysievert (Jerry Seivert) Textmate, jshint bundle which activates on save.
liammclennan (Liam Mclennan) Sublime Text 2, CoffeeScript and Shell Scripts
lucisferre (Chris Nicola) Vlm, js Vlm Plugins, & Jetbrain’s Stuff.