RSVP for the Geek Train to .NET Fringe

The .NET Fringe Conference guests coming from northern Cascadia (north of Portland) will have the excellent benefit of taking the Geek Train to the conference. It’s also only $10 friggin’ bucks!

Xamarin and I Are Hella Busy Hacking This Week

This week, along with the normal duties of getting everything from SSL working to code slung for account management to … More

Fini – Geoloqi + CivicApps + TriMet + Awesome Coders == Great Weekend

The Geoloqi + CivicApps Hackathon is all wrapped up and it has been great! I got to meet a number of new people and we all literally got a number of things done. The bus app, is practically done, and there are oodles of ideas primed and ready. New SDKs will be coming from the OSS Community for Geoloqi (prospectively including .NET Libs, C++, and even Python!) Needless to say, a LOT of good stuff happened this weekend.

Until next hackathon, cheers to everybody involved, it’s been great hacking!

Seattle Mobile Hackathon (#mobileappSEA @ F5 Networks)

This Saturday is the Seattle Mobile Hackathon. I’ve been preparing my machine for some mobile hacking of my own. The event looks like it will be a blast, hopefully you’re signed up already, because it’s sold out and down to the waiting list. 🙂

So far my machine is shaping up like this:

Ubuntu 10.10
Ruby on Rails 1.9.2
I am however torn between the mobile framework/SDK/APIs I want to use. Some of the options include:
jQuery Mobile
Sencha Touch
Needless to say, lots of options. I’m a big fan of options! Any other suggestions for stacks or suggestions on the mobile frameworks I’d appreciate.