My Day @ Seattle Mobile Hackathon (#mobileappSEA) The Morning

Arrived around 8:20am “ish”. @juliaferraioli & cohort were registering people. The @AWSstartups crew was there including @Jeffbarr, also @shanley, @Alex_donn, @JamesPearce, and others were already getting things put together. I decided to happily plunk down in a chair and get going. I had zero plan, but only a single goal. Make a web app that isn’t device proprietary, but is mobile centric, and get it live on the web.

My initial dev machine load that I intended to get this accomplished with I posted yesterday. So here’s my first push into Ruby on Rails and Mobile Dev with jQuery…

What is Your Take on Mobile App Development?

So what’s the #mobileappSEA coders think? What stack is mobile dev on or moving to, where do you think it is going?

Seattle Mobile Hackathon (#mobileappSEA @ F5 Networks)

This Saturday is the Seattle Mobile Hackathon. I’ve been preparing my machine for some mobile hacking of my own. The event looks like it will be a blast, hopefully you’re signed up already, because it’s sold out and down to the waiting list. 🙂

So far my machine is shaping up like this:

Ubuntu 10.10
Ruby on Rails 1.9.2
I am however torn between the mobile framework/SDK/APIs I want to use. Some of the options include:
jQuery Mobile
Sencha Touch
Needless to say, lots of options. I’m a big fan of options! Any other suggestions for stacks or suggestions on the mobile frameworks I’d appreciate.

#wp7/#wp7dev + Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Windows Azure

I got to mess around with the Windows Phone 7 SDK finally over the last few weeks (Twitter hashtags #wp7 and #wp7dev). The first few things I noticed was that there are a lot of missing parts to it. Namely the calendar control I fussed about well over a month ago in Windows Phone 7 Calendar Control. Even with the missing elements I kept wondering what I could build that would be useful. I kept wondering what would be something that might be a good open source project? I finally stumbled on the idea that I’d roll a few of my points of study together into one; Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Windows Phone 7. With that stumbling notion I navigated straight over to Codeplex and rolled a new project!

With that written, I hope I can get some of you cloud afficionados and gurus to put in a few hours a month to help build a rockin’ mobile admin app! If you’re interested please e-mail and I’ll get you setup on the project ASAP! 🙂

Here are my first few user stories just to get things started. If you think of other functionality, please feel free to add that to the comments below or to the tracking section on the Codeplex Project.