Changes & Awesome People

Warning, if you’re looking for tech, this isn’t the article. I’m writing this up in relation to the people in the industry.

Geoloqi goes ESRI!

Geoloqi and ESRI are the same force now, if anyone was watching Geoloqi they already know this. But I just wanted to follow up since I know personally – as good friends – the team over there and a new member of their team.

Amber Case

Amber Case, CEO and brain stormer, thinker and all around great person has lead the Geoloqi crew on a great path to acquisition. She kept the VC vultures at bay, helped to maintain the integrity of building a real platform versus a quick buck “dine and dash” type of company. I commend her on a job well done! I can’t wait until I get to chat with her again about all the great things they’ve been working on and what’s in store for the team now! Follow Amber on twitter, Cyborg Anthropology and her site.

Aaron Parecki & Kyle Drake

These guys are great. The coders, hackers, architects and implementers of Geoloqi from the beginning. I wrote about Kyle before when we had a chance to have him speak at Node PDX (a few words here and here) earlier this year. Kyle & Aaron have worked diligently on building out the real time nature of the high I/O systems of Geoloqi. Follow Aaron on twitter, blog and code and flickr. Follow Kyle on twitter, and code.

Jerry Sievert

My friend and also a Node PDX Speaker, has joined to lead the development efforts of Geoloqi in the new ESRI Structure. I’m super excited for Jerry and what this will bring for hacking endeavors next time we get to hang out. He also blogstweets and of course codes nonstop – see Github.

Warner Media Group (WMG) gets Brian McClain

I’m jealous, another person I’d love to work with. With this change I might get to do just that in some ways. Brian has been an active contributor and instigator in the Cloud Foundry Community and is now kicking off what I can only imagine as some awesome projects at WMG! I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear about what they’re working on. Congratulations to Brian, Dave McCrory (who has a twitter & blog too) and the whole team over there. WMG just got a great new team member! Follow Brian on twitter or via his code on Github.

…and that’s it for today. I’ll have more news on some key people at key companies in the very near future. Keep on guessing, cheers!

Fini – Geoloqi + CivicApps + TriMet + Awesome Coders == Great Weekend

The Geoloqi + CivicApps Hackathon is all wrapped up and it has been great! I got to meet a number of new people and we all literally got a number of things done. The bus app, is practically done, and there are oodles of ideas primed and ready. New SDKs will be coming from the OSS Community for Geoloqi (prospectively including .NET Libs, C++, and even Python!) Needless to say, a LOT of good stuff happened this weekend.

Until next hackathon, cheers to everybody involved, it’s been great hacking!

Your Bus Is NOT Here! But We’re Working On It…

But myself and fellow hacker & Geoloqi Crew put something together to figure out where the bus is. Nothing super fancy, but the idea is solid. We wanted to get a simple mobile application put together that would identify where it is, what the closest bus stop is, and pull up the next arriving bus(es) for that stop. We were throwing in a few other ideas, such as pulling up specific stops based on your favorites or even specific buses at that route based on your preferred routes.

Pat (@patrickarlt) & I (@adron) started out by pulling in the GTFS data from TriMet. I setup a basic import to turn all the stop locations in the GTFS data into a Place within a layer within Geoloqi. Pat setup a URL that could be used to call down the latest X arriving buses. Then we combined forces figuring out how to efficiently get all of the 7000+ bus stops into Geoloqi. That proved a little bit more of an issue than we thought. Not a huge issue, but one that got Kyle (@kyledrake) and Aaron (@aaronpk) Coding some fast batch solutions to get it all into Geoloqi while Pat & I handled the application.

On Sunday we’re lined up to get the application into a MVP (Minimally Viable Product) state. We’re hoping to be able to maybe even use it tomorrow in at least a simple way. From that point forward we’ll hopefully move past the MVP into other functionality! 🙂

Another thing to note, is that with our basic implementation we’re using GTFS data. This is a data format that is standardized and used by many of the agencies around the country. So technically any transit agency, as long as they have a way to return their route arrivals, can be setup to use our application we’re building. Some of the other GTFS data can be retrieved here;

To check out more, hit up Google’s page on GTFS data sources:

Day one of the hackathon has been seriously kick ass! I’ve had a blast and heard some great ideas, seen some great code, even working demo results, and seen amazing skills applied all around! At this juncture, I’m exhausted, got a little more to code, and ready for day 2 of hacking!

Oregonian MapAttack Article & Video

Another great review via the Oregonian by Brent Wojahn!

This is a piece about the game and shows some of us MapAttackers running around in action, looking for our virtual scores! For my full write up, check out my previous entry on my Geoloqi Weekend.