Basho – First Week Coding & Research Adventures…

The First Things This week, the first thing I did was give a solid read to Mark Phillip’s Blog “themarkphillips” … More

Deploy a Framework Friday #1 with Ruby and Sinatra

Alright, just for fun I’m kicking off a new blog series. I’m going to publish a new “Deploy a Framework … More

Ruby 1.9.3, Iron Foundry + Cloud Foundry and++

Installing the Latest Ruby, A Gotcha Generally, you’d just install rvm (Ruby Version Manager) and execute this command. [sourcecode language=”bash”] … More

Steaming Up The Engine for The Rails

I’ve been digging through and playing with the Rails Framework now for about 4 months with intent (I guess I’ve read about it, learned about, but not played with it for well over 4 years). I’ve gained a pretty good familiarity with the parts of the framework. Below, I’ve laid out some of the key things that I’ve done over and over just to become familiar with the commands, organization, and other elements within the framework. These also, in this specific order, is what I’ve found works best for getting a Ruby on Rails Application Project kick started (on a *nix based machine, the rvm commands will however not work on Windows, you’ll need to find a respective replacement).

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