BDD Style Test Phrasing… What’s Your Poison?

I’ve had this question come up a few times recently, and I wanted to get everybody’s take on it…  when … More

WebStorm JavaScripting & Noding Workflow Webinar Recording

Today the JetBrains team wrapping up final processing for my webinar from last week. You can check out the webinar … More

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Metro App Building on Windows 8 Part 2

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OS-X Cocoa Quickie #1 => Make Sure to Have Unit Tests

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A TimePiece of C# and JavaScript

I put together a little project on Github, partially because I’ve been making headway learning the intricacies of JavaScript, and partly because I wanted something that would parse a string that represents a time value. So here’s the TDD I went through. In the process I pulled in QUnit and used that as my testing framework for the JavaScript example. I’d love input on either of these, so feel free to gimme some heat, tell me what I’ve done wrong, and especially how I ought to be doing this. 🙂

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