My Day @ Seattle Mobile Hackathon (#mobileappSEA) The Morning

Arrived around 8:20am “ish”. @juliaferraioli & cohort were registering people. The @AWSstartups crew was there including @Jeffbarr, also @shanley, @Alex_donn, @JamesPearce, and others were already getting things put together. I decided to happily plunk down in a chair and get going. I had zero plan, but only a single goal. Make a web app that isn’t device proprietary, but is mobile centric, and get it live on the web.

My initial dev machine load that I intended to get this accomplished with I posted yesterday. So here’s my first push into Ruby on Rails and Mobile Dev with jQuery…

What is Your Take on Mobile App Development?

So what’s the #mobileappSEA coders think? What stack is mobile dev on or moving to, where do you think it is going?