New @ Hasura, Me!

I would not assume you did know this dear reader, but I’ve joined the amazing team at Hasura! Over the last few years I’ve gotten back into a number of data oriented development efforts, often related to my own interest in database systems and web development. From this angle Hasura has a superb technology solution, a solid team – 👍🏻 founders @tanmaigo, @rajoshighosh leading the crew, and I’ll introduce many of them to you all too in the coming weeks and months!


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I’m Not Looking, But These Job Posts Just Suck

BEWARE: This is the beginning of a rant. If you’re temperamental it might piss you off. You’ve been warned, prepare to have a bit of rant with reality thrown on top for good measure.

I’m not looking for another gig. I’m extremely happy with what I’m doing right now. The Russell Team I’m working with on our worst days kicks ass. We produce software, with reasonable timelines that we have input into, with good business proponents, solid technology, quality code, and generally sound process. All with strong overtones of Scrum influence of the Agile Manifesto. People on the team actually KNOW and have READ the Agile Manifesto.

So now that I’ve got that declaration out of the way I want to write a very serious rant to managers who have never read the manifesto and claim they use an “Agile Process” or “agile” or whatever. This is a statement and rant to those companies that go recruiting for top tier people (and rarely get them) with horribly job descriptions and practices. So let’s get started, and the developers out there, let me know if you are annoyed by these practices too! I’d love to get an ear full form anyone from any side of this equation.