JavaScript Development Environments (Unabridged Results)

About two weeks ago I put together an initial list of JavaScript Tools & IDEs. Over the last week at OSCON, talking to a number of people who are into and using JavaScript on a daily basis, I’ve come up with a larger list of tools and IDEs.

Browsers On Your Dev Machine

Tools I’m Using…

Tools I’m Trying Out…

Suggestions From The Twitterverse! Thanks Everybody.

  • JoshuaPoehls (Joshua Poehls) JS Fiddle, Jasmine, JS Test Driver
  • davidalpert (David Alpert) Firebug + Aptana
  • xinmyname (Andy Sherwood) Chirpy, Web Workbench
  • encosia (Dave Ward) VS2010, PhpStorm, Notepad2, Vim, & Textmate depending on the project…
  • danemorgridge (Dane Morgridge) Macvim, Textmate, and Chrome
  • lazycoder (Scott Koon) WebStorm, vim Chrome dev tools, Google Closure Compiler
  • jerrysievert (Jerry Seivert) Textmate, jshint bundle which activates on save.
  • liammclennan (Liam Mclennan) Sublime Text 2, CoffeeScript and Shell Scripts
  • lucisferre (Chris Nicola) Vlm, js Vlm Plugins, & Jetbrain’s Stuff.