Deploy a Framework Friday #4 Some Node.js .gitignore Cloud 9 IDE Sharing toward Cloud Foundry / Iron Foundry Deployment

Today’s “Deploy a Framework Friday” is a little bit of a diversion. Today Richard (@rseroter) and I dove into Cloud9IDE (@Cloud9IDE) to try out some pair programming with the online IDE sharing. We made some minor progress with Matt (@matt_pardee) & Eric (@ang3lfir3) jumping in for a few minutes. The intent of this effort was to pull together a little code to deploy, as Richard wrote about a few months ago in the article “Deploying Node.js Applications to Iron Foundry using the Cloude9 IDE“.

Here’s a video of us all fumbling through attempting to get the .gitignore file setup.

Richard Seroter (@rseroter) and I (@adron) took a stab at sharing some code, with the attempt to do some pair programming. We made a little progress, and even had some people join us live via Twitter and edit some of the code with us. For a short play by play, check out the blog entry here:…dry-deployment/


  1. Why did the .gitignore not show up on Richard’s Screen?
  2. What were the intermittent errors that came up?
  3. Why did it say I was setup for “premium” but I couldn’t use express?
  4. Is it supposed to be that the other person can’t make changes while someone is chatting?

I’m not sure what happened (anyone at Cloud 9 IDE know what happened) when the .gitignore totally disappeared  but in the video you can see that I committed and pushed the .gitignore file. I had to recreate it to get anything to show up, and initially it didn’t seem to share either. I’m not sure how that is supposed to work, but am assuming something wasn’t setup correctly in the first place.

As for express I’ll be giving that a try a little bit later.

Next Steps Toward Deployment

Over the next few weeks or so, Richard and I will be going back and forth building a Node.js based web application for deployment from Cloud 9 IDE to our Iron Foundry Environment. Overall, this will be a slightly drawn out “Deploy a Framework Friday“, with its own sub-parts to the series.

We’ll culminate the project in an open source project that will be available on Github and also with a summary on the Iron Foundry Blog. In one of our pending blog entries we’ll draw up the architecture of the application we’ll be building out. So stay tuned!

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