Sardonic Observations for the Week Ending July 7th, 2012

This is the beginning of another series I’m going to be doing via the blog here. Just a quick week ending summary of the things I’ve taken note of via the media, cool hackathons, startups or other things of that nature. With that simple mission, here’s entry #1.

Meteor Lands $11.2 Million

Gigaom published an article titled “Meteor Rakes in $11.2 Million…” by Barb Darrow (@gigabarb) about Meteor. Meteor is a company that is attempting to redefine, change, alter or do something for or to Enterprise Development. This is good, because enterprise software development generally needs a lot of help. I’m however not sure how they’re intending to do this, or to get the legions of enterprise developers to get more familiar with JavaScript. It can’t be a bad idea since almost everybody on Earth is focusing in some way on JavaScript. So maybe they’ve found a great avenue into the Enterprise?

Who Invented the Internet

First off, let me answer this. The answer is ‘individuals’. Not the stupid Government or the silly Corporations or the … blagh blagh blagh. This argument has been unfolding between the Obama comment, the WSJ, and some other mess. But rest assured, it’s PEOPLE that have brought it to what it is. Not the crappy DOD mandate to “Defend” or even the corporatist “make profit” motive. It’s almost like asking, “who invented society”. Well, people did. Not a Government, those are nothing without people, not a corporation, because those need people too. But trying to scream about who deserves credit is pretty inane. My response at this point is, the individuals, and just shutup already. We have it, make life better now, we’re wasting time arguing about who invented it.  Cheers!  🙂

If you’re curious as to the argument, here’s all the fool’s arguing: Gregory Ferenstein & Vint Cerf Techcruch, Gordon Crovitz at WSJ, and others…  google it, you’ll find the explosion.

AppFog Releases Pricing and a Desire to “Do What Gmail Did…”

Alex Williams wrote up a piece “AppFog Wants to Do For Developer Platforms what Gmail Did for Email” on the recent release of AppFog’s new pricing and related information around their AppFog PaaS. This is great news, as AppFog offers a pretty freaking sweet service for small and mid-size sites. Things may get sketchy as you grow larger, but getting big sites on the service will push further resiliency. AppFog already supports Cloud Foundry based services and will soon support Azure as a back end. Pretty remarkable if you ask me, I’m shocked and surprised they’re making this work. Over time we’ll see how things pan out.

That’s it for now, until next time. Keeping my eyes open to the latest cool tech bits.