DSE6 + .NET v?

Project Repo: Interoperability Black Box First steps. Let’s get .NET installed and setup. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 for this setup and … More

Distributed Coding Prefunc: Installing QuickCheck for Great Testing

A few weeks ago I kicked off this series of “Distributed Coding Prefunc: Up and Running with Erlang” and had … More

Urban Lean Agile Tech Breakfast Meetup, Be There This Wednesday!

Are you hard core into technology and software development like Node.js, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, .NET, Java, Clojure and more?

Do you like the ideas behind the agile manifesto, lean startup, kanban, and thinking outside of the box?

Are you digging that ASP.NET MVC Framework or waiting for the next ALT.NET meetup?

Loving that ease of Ruby on Rails to wow your user base with ease, to implement with Sinatra those clean JavaScript & jQuery enabled UX for your clients?

Want to talk shop, eat some grub, have a beverage, and get a nerd kick start in the morning?

In that case meet us for Urban Lean Agile Tech Breakfast Meetup at Mod Pizza @ 1302 6th Avenue @ 8 am on Wednesday, August 3rd. (see actual post for Google Maps link)

Windows Azure SDK Unit Testing Dilemma — F5DD Plz K Thx Bye

I’m a huge advocate for high quality code. I will admit I don’t always get to write, or am always able to write high quality code. But day in and out I make my best effort at figuring out the best way to write solid, high quality, easy to maintain, easy to read code.

Over the last year or so I’ve been working with Windows Azure (Amazon Web Services and other Cloud/Utility Platforms & Infrastructure also). One of the largest gaps that I’ve experienced when working with Windows Azure is the gross disregard for unit testing and especially unit testing in a Test Driven Development style way. The design of the SDK doesn’t make unit testing a high priority, and instead focuses mostly on what one might call F5 & Run Development.

Test Driven Development Built Name Generator Part 3

Part 1, Part 2. Now it is time finally for the random name generation.  I’ve gotten everything into place, so … More