Speaking, Follow Up, and Improving

Recently I did a series of talks focused around building Kubernetes Clusters. In these I demoed how Terraform can be used to build out a Kubernetes cluster and then ideas for working with that Kubernetes cluster or building out other infrastructure with Terraform around the Kubernetes cluster. I’ve posted the first of several posts that I’m putting together related to the configuration, code, and work I did for those talks.

On this topic there are several additional things I try to do for and after every presentation I give. This adds value for me, the people who attend the presentation, but also for others that did not attend after the talk. At least, that’s my intent and hope in this and related follow up material. Here’s the breakdown of what I try to do with every presentation. Below I’ll also have links to presentations I have succeeded in accomplishing this mission.

Mission Goals

The mission goals involves getting the presentation posted along with other key goals upon notification of date, time, and related details to several key places:

  1. Calendar — Post to my speaking and meetup calendar here.
  2. RSVP Site — Next I ensure it is listed on meetup or whatever site the organizers are using.
  3. Composite Code Blog Listing — Next I create a page where I will put all of the collateral for the presentation and list it on this page. Often this starts out merely as a listing and then a link to the page where I’ll simply write “Content are TBD but actively being developed! Stay tuned!
  4. Presentation Page — Then for each presentation I give I create a singular page to post and collect all the collateral elements. This is the page that the listing in #3 points to. Some examples include; “Elasticsearch with Terraform, Packer, and Immutability Magic” or “Terraform, Packer, Atlas @ The Orange Retailer”.
  5. Code, Slide Deck, Collateral — Other elements I make ever effort to include code repositories (usually on Github), image or slide deck files, and anything else I used to demonstrate during the presentation.

Presentations That Accomplish This Mission

There are a few of these presentations I’ve given that have had every mission criteria met. Here I’ve linked a few just to point out what a finished presentation and follow up looks like. At least, these are examples of what I aim for, there are always ways to improve on this.

  1. Managing (or not) The Data in Immutable Infrastructure — includes slides, a short write up, video, and related collateral.
  1. Organizing Infrastructure Config & Workflow— includes slides, and very thorough write up, video, etc.
  1. Visual Studio AWS Tooling & SDK — Even though this is a presentation from a different era of technology, it still represents all the pieces collected for a successful mission. Video, write up, and collateral repo and such. I’d be curious, since it has been such a long time, if the code still runs.

That’s that, and onward and forward to the next code challenge. I’ll be publishing that shortly on my blog, at https://compositecode.blog/.

Speaking, Coding, and Visiting Salem, Oregon

I like to take a trip down to Salem every now and again. It’s a great chance to break away from the daily grind in the bigger city. When I lived in Portland or now in Seattle, it didn’t matter, still a great small city to go visit. The other cool thing is I can often combine business and taking a break at the same time in Salem.

The City

Even though it’s a small city it bats way above its size when it comes to excellent food, coffee, beer, and related things. This is always nice to combine with that slower pace of things that a small city provides. The downtown is also beautifully walkable and compact. One can walk to any point in the city in a matter of minutes.

The coffee scene there is seriously on point too. With establishments like The Gov Cup and Archive providing premium coffee options in truly relaxed, chill, and comfortable settings it makes doing a little work and enjoying some espresso an easy thing to do.

Combine that with my other requirements of easy to get to, easy to bike, non-hostile drivers, and beautiful parks and natural environments around and Salem is perfect.

The Tech

Mill Creek

Combining all the aforementioned things with some tech makes everything even more fun! In Salem there’s a group I’ve spoken at a few times called Willamette Valley Software Engineers. It’s a solid group of people, where I regularly gather an audience of 40+ people to present to, converse with, and we often continue onward after presentations across Mill Creek to Boon’s Treasury for conversation a round afterward.

Inspired by Bob Ross

This recent trip I presented, with direct inspiration from Bob Ross, on “The Joy of Coding”. It was the first time attempting to put a talk together in this format. Overall, I believe it worked out pretty well, which the audience elaborated on after the talk on ways I can tidy up this or that and really add some “wonderful trees and forests to the grand mountains” of the presentation as a painting. I’ll be presenting this again and hoping to put a video of the talk together soon. So stay tuned to Composite Code and follow me on Twitter @Adron for future dates.

All in all a great trip. I always enjoy Salem. So until another time, cheers Salem!

Coder’s Vacation : My Slide Deck for the Upcoming HTML 5 Developers Conference

Continuously Kicking Ass
Continuously Kicking Ass

Web development isn’t always easy. Really, there isn’t a form of application development that is easy, there’s a lot of steps, tools, and other traps to coding. One of the best unifying ways to insure that all this complexity doesn’t kick your ass, is to implement continuous integration & delivery practices. I’m going to cover that in a talk this Monday at the HTML 5 Developers Conference in San Francisco. As a precursor to the talk, here’s my slide deck… which I’ll admit isn’t the whole kit and kaboodle, because I will haz codez so subscribe and those I’ll be publishing during this Coder’s Vacation of mine.

NOTE: Pending on levels of connectivity, I’ll be showing a number of details, examples and a little code on implementing continuous integration for JavaScript, specifically with vows and Node.js elements.


Where Am I?

That title sounds like a Dream Theater song or something. But alas, I’m going to try and answer the question for the next few weeks per my calendar of logistics.

  • September 10th (Monday) – September 14th (Friday) I’ll be in Seattle for networking, work and a few rounds. Maybe a geek lunch or two too, who’s up for it?
  • September 20th (Thursday) I’ll be in Seattle for the Software Craftsman’s Meetup at Getty Images.
  • September 22nd (Saturday) I’ll be at the Portland Streetcar eastside Loop Party. Yeah yeah, it doesn’t really have anything to do with tech, but I’m a transit nerd, so gotta go see the new streetcar line.
  • October 8th (Monday) – October 17th (Wednesday) I’ll be in San Francisco for the RICON (A Distributed System Conference for Developers) and the HTML 5 Dev Conf (js, html5 and all that developer conference).

Thor & Cloud Foundry Hackathon & Installfest

Curious if anyone is up for meeting and doing an installfest or hacking on Cloud Foundry, Iron Foundry or checking out Thor this coming week in Seattle? Any takers? Leave a comment and I’ll also ping the people of the Twitterverse and App.net. I’m up for meeting at a coffee shop or other space and would be happy to come to an office or other environment if anyone is interested.