The Expanse of GraphQL

The GraphQL Foundation is of course, the core organization responsible for GraphQL. Their priority is development and maintenance of the GraphQL Specification. They also provide resources around learning, code libraries, community, a FAQ, and news.

This page is currently *under construction*. The contents will eventually be focused around these specific categories.

Companies focused on GraphQL

Companies with tangential focus on GraphQL

  • DataStax Astra DB – DataStax Astra DB is a service that provides GraphQL as a means to access the underlying Apache Cassandra databases for their database as a service solutions.
  • MongoDB Atlas – MongoDB Atlas service is a database as a service that provides GraphQL as a means to access the underlying Mongo Databases.
  • Github GraphQL API – The Github GraphQL API provides a means to access and work with the related git repositories and Github services and systems.
  • Neo4j Graph Database GraphQL Library

My Authored Content on GraphQL

GraphQL Specification Notes & Lagniappe

Additional Curated Content

  • Good sources TBD.

If there are any sources I should add, please leave a comment with that source. If approved I’ll remove the comment and add the source to this collection. If it doesn’t fit the curated focus of the list I’ll leave it as a comment, and if it is off topic entirely I *might* delete the comment. 👍🏻

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