The Expanse of GraphQL

The GraphQL Foundation is of course, the core organization responsible for GraphQL. Their priority is development and maintenance of the GraphQL Specification. They also provide resources around learning, code libraries, community, a FAQ, and news.

This page is currently *under construction*. The contents will eventually be focused around these specific categories.

  • The core GraphQL Project
  • PostGraphile – Extensible high-performance automatic GraphQL API for PostgreSQL.
  • quicktype (Github) – Convert JSON into typesafe code in any language.
  • Schemathesis – is a specification-based testing tool for OpenAPI and GraphQL apps based on the Hypothesis framework.
  • Microcks – OSS Kubernetes Native tool for API mocking and testing.
  • gqt – Build and execute GraphQL queries in the terminal.
  • GraphQL Armor – security layer for Apollo/Yoga/Envelop based servers.

Companies focused on GraphQL

  • The Guild – This is an organization that offers services and provides a long list of open source software focused around building out GraphQL solutions.
    • Code Generator – Generation of typed queries, mutations, subscriptions, and typed GraphQL resolvers.
    • Tools – is a set of NPM packages and an opinionated structure for how to build GraphQL schema and resolvers in JavaScript, following the GraphQL-first development workflow.
    • Stitching – automatically stitch multiple schemas together into one larger API in a simple, fast, and powerful way.
    • Hive – Prevent breaking changes, monitor performance of your GraphQL API, and manager your API gateway.
    • Conductor – All in one API gateway.
    • Inspector – Validate schemas and detect changes. Receive schema change notifications. Keep operation and fragments consistent.
    • ESLint – integrates GraphQL and ESLint for better developer experience.
    • Config – One configuration for all your GraphQL tools.
    • Helix – Build your own extensible and framework-agnostic GraphQL Server.
    • Shield – GraphQL permissions framework for complex authorization systems.
    • Yoga – A fully-featured, simple to set up, performant, and extendable server.
    • Modules – Enterprise grade tooling for your GraphQL server.
    • Envelop – Develop and share plugins that are usable with any GraphQL server framework or schema.
    • Mesh – A fully-featured GraphQL gateway framework.
    • Scalars – Common custom GraphQL Scalars for precise type-safe GraphQL schemas.
    • SOFA – Generate RESTful APIs from your GraphQL Server.
    • WhatsApp Clone – A repo showing off the various “The Guild” ecosystem libraries and tooling.
  • AWS AppSync – provides a robust, scalable, GraphQL interface for application developers to combine data from multiple sources, including Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and HTTP APIs.
  • Hasura – Instant GraphQL on all your data.
  • Apollo – The GraphQL developer platform.
  • Fauna DB – A GraphQL native database.
  • Wundergraph – an all-in-one solution to build, integrate, deploy and monitor modern APIs.

Companies with tangential focus on GraphQL

  • DataStax Astra DB – DataStax Astra DB is a service that provides GraphQL as a means to access the underlying Apache Cassandra databases for their database as a service solutions.
  • MongoDB Atlas – MongoDB Atlas service is a database as a service that provides GraphQL as a means to access the underlying Mongo Databases.
  • Github GraphQL API – The Github GraphQL API provides a means to access and work with the related git repositories and Github services and systems.
  • Neo4j Graph Database GraphQL Library

My Authored Content on GraphQL

GraphQL Specification Notes & Lagniappe

Additional Curated Content

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