ML Spends A Year In Burgundy with Jon Oropeza at ML4ALL

We’re building up to ML4ALL 2019, and in the meanwhile I want to re-introduce some of the past speakers and show you their talks. This first, of the many, is Jon Oropeza. I introduced him last year here, so check out his talk and work, he’s got a lot of good stuff he’s put together!.

The Talk

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ML4ALL Speakers – Meet Paige & Suz

Hello everybody and especially the upcoming ML4ALL attendees! For those that haven’t registered, here’s the link for that, and for those that have welcome aboard! Here’s two of the excellent speakers that will be presenting at ML4ALL Paige (@DynamicWebPaige) and Suz (@Noopkat)!

Paige & Suz both work on the amazing, now somewhat famous Microsoft Developer Advocacy team others like Peter Bright (@drpizza) wrote about in “Microsoft’s renewed embrace of developers developers developers” and James Governor (@monkchips) wrote in “On Hiring Jesse Frazelle: Microsoft’s developer advocacy hot streak continues” and I evenĀ wrote a blurb about many months ago. They’ve added even more awesome to a great team and will be coming to ML4ALL to do more of that.

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