ML Spends A Year In Burgundy with Jon Oropeza at ML4ALL

We’re building up to ML4ALL 2019, and in the meanwhile I want to re-introduce some of the past speakers and show you their talks. This first, of the many, is Jon Oropeza. I introduced him last year here, so check out his talk and work, he’s got a lot of good stuff he’s put together!.

The Talk


A Summary of ML Spends a Year in Burgundy


Jon starts his presentation journey with a childhood story. It involves computers and things, his childhood girlfriend, thumb wars, and other fascinating things. Give it a watch, get enthralled with a first step into machine learning for a professional web application developer, Jon.

pic2.pngJon introduces us via this story, to some of his first experiments with machine learning. He had a great adventure a while back with Burgundy and wine, and found lot’s of data on the wine of this and other sorts. He went to work finding out the best way to find how machines could determine a place and year through a liquid medium; wine. Getting into the wine varietals, the grapes, and other related criteria, where they’re born, and additional data Jon made great progress.

Going further he found ratings and other peripheral data and that he wanted even more, needed even more data, but found some interesting answers along the way. To see, hear, and learn more give his talk a viewing.

This is one of many talks from ML4ALL 2018, I’ll post more here with more reviews, with this being a taste of our aim with ML4ALL 2019. Join us, submit a proposal, or pick up a ticket today! It’s gonna be another create conference.