A Day in The Life of http://adron.me

So I sat down and hacked up a new version of Adron.me. I snagged a site theme and skin from Theme Forest and ran with it. Broke apart each of a few sections to get a minimally viable site up within 24 hours. I got interrupted a few times with a few other things I needed to wrap up, more about those things later. For now I put together the site, check it out @ http://adron.me. I also put together a video of the hack session during various stages of getting the site live.

During the video I also have a few excursions away form the code to help stay focused on the code. At one point I’m actually working on the Junction App too. Also, keep an eye on it and you can see my Sublime 2 usage, iMac, Lenovo Carbon X1, Ubuntu and a whole slew of other tech. More on all those things too, for now… here’s the video.

…and yeah, no real code complexities or such, mostly an excuse to make a video to some oddball dubstep from the scraps of video I put together during building http://adron.me. Hope it was entertaining, cheers – Adron.