Setting Up Github for Windows for Powershell CLI Users

Recently I installed the Github for Windows App. It’s a great app, however, I’d rather not use it for the day to day interactions I have with Git. I have a lot of branching, forking and merging to do that just doesn’t happen to well with the app. It’s a great app, but overall I’m just a few dozen times faster with the command line versus using an application.

So why did I download it and install it? The UI is great looking. I wanted to check it out and see how it worked, overall I’ve been fairly impressed. It’s not all that bad. The other cool thing about having it installed is it makes getting started on a fresh machine much faster with Powershell and such, however all the repos are setup with https instead of git as the path. This I’m not a fan of, so I threw this video together real quick to show how I remedy the situation.