Garann Means to Present DRYing out Your Client-side Apps @ #NodePDX

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I’m stoked to introduce another one of our NodePDX Conference Speakers today. Garann Means is traveling from the weird city of Austin, Texas to the weird city of Portland, Oregon so she can impart on us coders some of knowledge around “DRYing out of Client-side Apps”. As she describes,

“There’s plenty of cool stuff Node offers purely in terms of server-side architectures, but it also offers a way to solve a problem we’ve been wrestling with since client-side applications became a big deal: writing everything twice. Rather than having the templates that produce markup exist in one backend language and in JavaScript, you can reuse them. Instead of validating in JavaScript on the client for the user’s convenience and then again in some other language on the server for security, you can share a validation module that can be used in both scenarios. And so on. We’ll look at some of the ways to stop repeating ourselves in Node apps and focus on getting the most out of existing client-side code.”

Garann looking at the code to her upper right.
Garann looking at the code to her upper right.

Garann is a JavaScript Dev in Austin with her dog and cat, who leap in for code reviews. She grew to love Node after a history of backend development combined with her passion for client-side apps. She has a, and I quote “colorful” blog, which I myself read every time she posts a new entry. She’s also an author of “Node for Front-End Developers” from O’Reilly, which she wrote when she wasn’t remodeling her house and coding awesome JavaScript magic!

Garann has some seriously good reads over on her blog, some of my favorites include:

  • The 150k Solution -> Companies, especially those in sprawling suburbia need to take heed of what she writes about here, and even more so are those companies that try to throw money at developers. She’s got more insight into this than most people that are actually in charge of finding talent!
  • Calling the github API with Node.js -> This post is pretty obvious why it’s a favorite of mine. She does a deep dive into use the github API, and, well, just go check it out. Great material.

Also, Garann is active & involved on github obviously. Give her a follow on lanyrd and also on twitter.

If you’d just like to come and check out Garann’s Presentation and the other great presentations lined up, get involved in some coding, hear what Node.js is all about please RSVP and get the event on your calendar!

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