Jesse Hallett to Present “Object-oriented Patterns in JavaScript” @ #NodePDX

This is the first in a series of posts about the individual speakers lined up for…

Over the following days I’ll be introducing each of the speakers for NodePDX. The first speaker is someone pretty well known in Portland, has helped organize the JavaScript Admirers Group in town, and works for another well known Portland Company, Jive.

Jesse Hallett Doing the JavaScript Presentation Thing
Jesse Hallett Doing the JavaScript Presentation Thing
Jesse Hallett
Jesse Hallett

He’ll be presenting “Object-oriented Patterns in JavaScript” which is something I’d advise any new, experienced, or elder programming JavaScript to check out. Knowing these concepts is key to really digging in and creating manageable, readable, and usable JavaScript Code. Jesse provides a description of his presentation:

JavaScript is a language that is tremendously flexible, but that comes
with few clear conventions. Code organization is one are that has been
reinvented perhaps more times than there are JavaScript programmers.
I will examine a few tools that are intended to improve the experience
of writing object-oriented code.

Some of the specific tools that I plan to examine are [traits.js][],
[CoffeeScript][], [Prototype][], and [JiverScripts][]. The goal is to
get a look at different ideas to see what each approach has to offer.
We will discuss inheritance versus composition, and question when it is
or is not appropriate to use object-oriented code.


Audience participation is encouraged: if you have a favorite OO
implementation, or experiences with JavaScript code organization, feel
free to come and to share.

Got JavaScript curiosities, want to get in touch with Jesse, or just lurk on his twitter feed or blog? Here’s the info:

If you’d just like to check out Jesse’s Presentation and other great presentations that are lined up, get an RSVP and add it to your calendar!

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