Node-Fu Expert Jerry Sievert to Present “Building Applications with Bricks.js” @ #NodePDX

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This next presenter, a Portlander, is Jerry Sievert. Jerry’s a good friend of mine, a connoisseur of awesome things (like beer, distilling, etc) and a bad ass Node-fu Master. Jerry has built the brick.js web framework and will be teaching us all a thing or three about this framework. Which as any self respecting coder would, Jerry has the brick.js code up on github. A bit about the bricks.js session

Bricks.js is an advanced modular web framework built on Node.js. Bricks.js is very flexible. It can be used as a standalone static webserver, a basic routing framework, a multi-level apache-like routing system, as well as being modular enough to have the capability to completely switch out its routing engine. This session will be a mix of an introduction for those who have not used it, and building a fairly simple application using it.

Node-fu Expert Jerry Sievert
Node-fu Expert Jerry Sievert

Be sure to check out Jerry’s Github, follow him on Twitter, and be sure to give his blog & site a good read.

If you’d just like to come and check out Jerry’s Presentation and the other kick ass presentations lined up, get involved in some coding, hear what Node.js is all about, or just hang out please RSVP and get the event on your calendar!

If you’d like to be among the presenters, submit a proposal, and you too can step up into the coder spotlight.

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