Webtrend SDK and REST API Calls (DataExchange)

Even though I left Webtrends well over 6 months ago, I still regularly talk to a number of my cohorts there.  I also still talk to a number of customers who I became friends with over my years with the company.  I was contacted recently by a couple of those contacts asking if the posts I made or the SDK I helped put together were still available.  I went to searching and I found the following blog entries that I had put together while at Webtrends.  In addition I did find a link to the Webtrends DX .NET SDK.  I however would check with someone at Webtrends as to if it is supported or has been kept up to date.  Either way, it provides a great resource for a starting point in accessing the Webtrends DX RESTful APIs.

Blog Entries

Webtrends DX .NET SDK

Hope these links provide a good kick start for using the Webtrends DX API.  🙂


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