Webtrend SDK and REST API Calls (DataExchange)

Even though I left Webtrends well over 6 months ago, I still regularly talk to a number of my cohorts there.  I also still talk to a number of customers who I became friends with over my years with the company.  I was contacted recently by a couple of those contacts asking if the posts I made or the SDK I helped put together were still available.  I went to searching and I found the following blog entries that I had put together while at Webtrends.  In addition I did find a link to the Webtrends DX .NET SDK.  I however would check with someone at Webtrends as to if it is supported or has been kept up to date.  Either way, it provides a great resource for a starting point in accessing the Webtrends DX RESTful APIs.

Blog Entries

Webtrends DX .NET SDK

Hope these links provide a good kick start for using the Webtrends DX API.  🙂


Services Are Coming!

The WebTrends REST Services are coming!  These services will provide a wide array of data that can be retrieved from various sources in your WebTrends Profile, the various custom reports, and displayed in any way you need.  Once can connect with Silverlight, Excel, Windows WPF, WinForms, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash, Java, or almost any platform that you choose.

The reason we chose REST is because of the ease of use, easy of understanding, and design that is inherent to the REST ideals.  In addition almost every major Internet Company Presence that provides services is using REST, which provides even more interoperability for our clients to connect disparate data sources.

In this entry I am going to cover the following material you’ll need to connect to WebTrends REST Services.

  • REST API Concepts
  • Asynchronous Calls
  • Calling a REST Service in C#
  • Displaying the Results