Cool Places, Things, and Groups in Seattle So Far?

I am new to Seattle from the "I live here" perspective.  I have travelled here and visited more than a few times.  The last week or so I have been wandering a bit and checking out various groups such as Web Analytics Wednesday and possibly will check out the Startup Drinks Group in Ballard this Friday.  All in all I’m happier with my move from Portland to Seattle than I originally thought I’d be (because Portland is seriously awesome too).  Seattle is surprising me in a few ways that I actually didn’t expect, one of them is the tech scene presence is a little bit better than I originally thought it was (good job tech scene pplz).

There are a few points I am still curious about.  Maybe some readers could help me out with the following:

  1. Where and when do the people interested in Saas, Cloud Computing, and similar topics get together, hang out, have drinks, or otherwise?  I haven’t found too much going on around these topics.
  2. Ok, I have found a number of awesome coffee shops to hang out at on those days were I don’t go into the office.  So does anyone else have any suggestions for cool places to pull out the laptop and crank on some code and such?
  3. I really dig hearing about all the awesome startups in Seattle, which Seattle 2.0 is pretty awesome in relating, but is there anything else I should check out?

That’s my burning curiosities at the moment, so if any of your dear readers have any thoughts on these things, or know of anything please do leave a comment or three.  : )

I moderate, so if they don’t show up immediately it will eventually.  Thanks!