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The Beginning of Something New, FOOD!

Ok, so I’m sure about 90% of geeks & coders are also foodies at the same time. We all like to eat. A good many of us also like to partake upon a beer, whiskey, scotch, mixed drink, or all of them in a sitting once in a while. What am I leading up to? That’s simple, I’d love to get geeks together; .NETters, Rubiests, Railers, PHPers, Objective-Cers, Cloud/Grid/Utility Computing, Netops, Devs of this, Devops or any of a host of interests to have dinner, grab brunch on the weekend, or simply a cup of coffee. Now, the hard part, as it always is when herding cats is to get them herded at the same time to the same place. That’s when I fell into a thought, why not have multiple meals during the month and pick various days and times so people can meet up at their choice of time each month. With that in mind, here’s my first sample set of options, we can all vote, and then I’ll setup and calendar and get things arranged for meet ups. If you have food choices and such, let me know and we’ll do another vote for each meet. That way we don’t get bored or tired of the same place.

Here’s the schedule options, please vote:

Improving the Time Suck of Social Media

Social media, albeit being a great boon in many regards, has also become a massive time suck for almost everyone involved! Sure, news is up to date, down the the minute, almost real-time with every single little bit of craziness there to read about right now! The t0-read, to-do, to-make, to-code lists all keep getting longer and longer and longer…

…and then…