More Cloud News

Recently Amazon jumped into the relational database cloud competition with Microsoft.  Up until the 6th of this month, Microsoft had the only cloud with a real dedicated relational database offering in SQL Azure.  Now Amazon has their Relational Database Service heating up the competition.

In other news, Google finally joined the storage party with their recent launch announcement at the I/O Conference.  So now we have Amazon, Microsoft, and Google as the big companies on the block throwing down on the storage offerings.  Stay tuned for more!

In other news I have been working through the katas setup for TDD practice.  They’re actually a lot of fun and would suggest anyone out there interested in TDD or just unit testing to just go out and give one a test drive.  : )

Currently I am working on a code kata putting together ideas from Roy Osherove‘s The Art of Unit Testing and what one needs to know for testing in enterprise environments, abstracting the appropriate code to take into account web services, files, I/O, architectural issues, and other elements of coding.