Seattle #altnet

Just a few of the key points brought up during the #altnet meeting on Saturday this weekend.  There were a number of other topics, but these stuck in my mind as something I am more interested in.

  • katas | How to transition the learning from katas into the more elaborate testing realm of fakes, mocks, stubs, and such.
  • Smells |  ViewModels, testing WPF and Silverlight.  How to test for latency,
  • Upfront versus down the road costs.  How to decide when something should be learned at a macro level.
  • UI Testing | What is a good method or practice to use to keep the testing time to a minimum.

These four points bring me to my current story list of code to write.

  • Knock out a kata or two, and elaborate on the katas so that they have a more real world use for Enterprise (and other) Developers that have lots of abstracted layers and other parts to move through.
  • I really need to get back to my Silverlight and WPF skills.  Somehow I need to bring these skills into my daily Azure Cloud work, which should be relatively easy, I just have to do it.
  • Not sure I will have time, but I would like to write up some cost analysis (not just $,  but in time, effort, and other costs) associated with certain up front design and up front testing versus testing or design after the fact.  Of course this entire discussion point is very relative, but I am sure I can dig up some information somewhere.
  • UI Testing.  It was an interesting topic at ALT.NET, but doubtful I will touch on it much until I get more dedicated WPF/Silverlight/Web UI Work.  Right now there just isn’t enough value it it for me (kind of based on the aforementioned topic).