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Now for some F# hacking. The first thing I did was actually go through a Code Kata, which I’ll present here. … More

Code Katas: Kicking off With a Little JavaScript

A few days ago, my friend Aeden Jameson asks, “you want to work through a code kata this weekend?” I thought, well yeah, that’d be cool. So we met at Cafe Fiore and hacked out the beginning of a Kata based on the Roman to Arabic and Arabic to Roman Numerals. It was fun, which led me to working up an actual blog entry related to our kata session. This however, is just me working through a similar aspect of the numeral conversions with JavaScript. Enjoy.

First things first, I’m using QUnit which is available on Github with documentation on the jQuery Site. So if you’re going to work through these, go get that first. Or use another unit testing framework. I also am using Webstorm, which is a pretty sweet IDE for editing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript available from Jetbrains. You can even do scary stuff like edit and write PHP! Oh yeah that’s right! It IS absolutely worth the money. 😀

With that out of the way, here’s what I started with. First I created a QUnit and Scripts Directory. In QUnit I placed the qunit.css and qunit.js files and in the Scripts Directory I added the jquery-1.5.1.min.js file. The later file isn’t that important at this point, but I’ve added as I intend to use it at some point later on.

…click through to read and see more code.

Kōans of Code

I’ve continued the Kōans, but there is one thing that won’t be noticeable from this blog entry. I however wanted to mention it. The first blog entry was worked through on an OS-X Apple Machine, the second on an Ubunta Linux Machine, and now I’m heading for this blog entry to be completed with Windows 7. It is of course completely irrelevant, but at the same time very relevant. 🙂 But enough about operating system awesomeness. Let’s take a look at the new gazillion Kōans that caught my note taking interest.

Kata Kickin’ Some Prime Numbers

Lately I have been interviewing people for prospective positions in the company I work for. In the various questions that I and others pose during these interviews one popped up as a prospective Kata. The challenge is really quit simple, “Write a method that would take a int and check if it is a prime number.” The following snippet is what I came up with.

More Cloud News

Recently Amazon jumped into the relational database cloud competition with Microsoft. Up until the 6th of this month, Microsoft had the only cloud with a real dedicated relational database offering in SQL Azure. Now Amazon has their Relational Database Service heating up the competition.

In other news, Google finally joined the storage party with their recent launch announcement at the I/O Conference. So now we have Amazon, Microsoft, and Google as the big companies on the block throwing down on the storage offerings. Stay tuned for more!

In other news I have been working through the katas setup for TDD practice. They’re actually a lot of fun and would suggest anyone out there interested in TDD or just unit testing to just go out and give one a test drive. : )