Macbook Air Multiple Monitor Support

The Macbook Air is indeed an “insanely great” device. I have slammed this thing around, physically and virtually, from the bicycle messenger bag situation described in my buying decision post, all the way to running multiple virtual machines and multiple monitors! This machine, of course if you’re using lean, clean, powerful, and intelligent built software, is top of the game for light weight machines.

The “how did you get multiple monitors?” question has come up several times since I bought the Air. So I’ve put together this blog entry on multiple monitor support, with instructions, and what can expect to run once the monitors are hooked up.

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Small, Powerful, Elegant, Sexy, and Hard Core

Ok, it’s that time of the year and I’m at the phase of the cycle when it is computer purchasing time. What do I want, what do I need, who has the best options available? In order of priority here’s my wish list for the ideal machine.

It must be able to run Windows & Linux. Even better would be the ability to run OS-X, Windows, and Linux. Preferably with Linux or OS-X as the core operating system and Windows either virtualized or dual booted.
Another high priority is I want elegant, sexy, and strong design. But not just in appearance but in functionality too. I want the device to be strong. I want the material to be fabricated well, I want the quality and durability to be built into the device. This comes down to the device being a single mold, probably of a high quality material like aluminum.
I want as much oomph as I can get out of the hardware. Demanding elegant and sexy usually dictates it won’t be powerful. Demanding tough is usually another strike against that.
Another thing which is super important, but I may be flexible on, is the resolution. I simply want as much resolution as possible.
The last thing, which isn’t as important, is I don’t really want to pay more than about $1500. I’d be all the happier if I can find something for even less.

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