CloudCamp Seattle!

Cloudcamp Seattle (December 1st)
Cloudcamp Seattle (December 1st)

Tomorrow is the big day!  So be sure to come check out CloudCamp Seattle!  We’re going to have a lot of great attendees, some rock star lightning talks and more.  Make sure to get registered ASPA (click on the CloudCamp image above).

Amazon HQ
426 Terry Avenue North (At South Lake Union)
2nd Floor Conference Room
Seattle, WA 98109

Final Schedule:
6:00pm Registration, Networking w/ Food & Drinks
6:30pm Welcome and Thank yous
6:45pm Lightning Talks (5 minutes each)
Tony Cowan – WebSphere CloudBurst/Hypervisor Editions
Mithun Dhar – Microsoft Azure
Steve Riley – Amazon Web Services
Sundar Raghavan – Skytap
Josh Wieder –
Margaret Dawson – Hubspan
Patrick Escarcega – “Managing Fear – Transitioning to the Cloud
7:30pm Unpanel
8:00pm Begin Unconference (organize the unconference)
8:15pm Unconference Session 1
9:00pm Unconference Session 2
9:45pm Wrap-up Session
10:00pm Raffle Books: “Host your website in the cloud” by Jeff Barr
10:15pm Drinks at 13coins sponsored by Clear Wireless Internet

NW Cloud
NW Cloud

Local Organizers:
– Jon Madamba of
– Shy Cohen
– Krish Subramanian of Krishworld
– Adron Hall (Me)
– Dave Nielsen of CloudCamp

August 2010 Agile Beer, SAWSUG, and Hadoop in Seattle

I should come up with an entertaining title for these blog entries about the Seattle Tech Scene.  But that’s for another time, right now I’m going to focus on the events of this last week.

Agile Beer

I guess there is a bit of a history behind Agile Beer, but I wasn’t aware of it when I decided to go to an impromptu Agile Beer Meet Up @ Elysian Brewing on Capital Hill.  At peak there were 7 of us, having a good time chatting about various aspects of Agile.  Next meet up, we’d love to see more people.  This is also were someone could possibly help me out – who exactly organizes Agile Beer, and is there an official shindig related to this?  When I do a Google/Bing Search with just “Agile Beer Seattle” I get a couple different sources of information, but most of it looks like nothing is really going on.  Any word on this?  Anybody?

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

Seattle AWS User Group (

The Seattle AWS User Group is pretty cool.  This meet we had Jeff Barr (AWS Evangelist) and Jenn Boden (Director of Corporate IT) speak on one of the new security white papers released and general topics.  Jeff & Jenn are pros when it comes to answering the hard ball questions.

The second phase of topics included a talk on Virtual Private Cloud Architecture and another on Multizone RDS.


Hadoop Seattle

The Seattle Hadoop Meet, as usual, rocked too.  I love hearing about the Hadoop and Hadoop related topics.  The big data problem always has a host of, what I consider, very interesting solutions.

August 2010 ALT.NET Seattle & Inaugural Android Meet Up

ALT.NET Seattle Meet

This weekend I attended the ALT.NET meet up.  For more information on future meet ups check out these resources:

We covered some great topics around not using IoC (Justin, where were ya!?), REST and what it really is, and lots of things around WCF.  We all adjourned briefly for some burgers at Blue Moon and went right back at it.  If you’re serious about architecture, frameworks, and coding in general (in general in the .NET stack) you should definitely check out this group.  Anyone can come and jump in, easy to participate and everybody is great about helping each other out.

Inaugural Android Mobile Meet Up

This group was great also.  I forget how many exactly, but in excess of 40 people were there, possibly even 60 or so.  The session were great and the organizer did a top notch job of getting the pizza in, introducing the speakers, and getting some appropriate props for F5 Networks for hosting!  Thanks Benn for a job well done.  For more information or to attend the next meet up check out

Other Meets

This week there are also a number of meet ups that I hope to attend;