Emerald City Technology Conversations Premier with Archis Gore

Today I’ve cut the final, the video and audio are getting better and better as I determine how exactly these conversations are best recorded and streamed! Archis and I had a conversation a few weeks back and the premier is going live today at 2:00pm. My plan with these conversations is pretty straight forward, after each recording I’ll do some post-processing on the video and audio and set the conversation to premier on YouTube and Twitch and join the premiers to answer questions in chat and general add more conversation to the conversation.

For more information or come and join me for a conversation, check out this post “Join Me for a Live Stream Conversation on Programming, Infrastructure, Data, Databases, or Your Opinions!“.

Today, enjoy the conversation with Archis and I’ll see you in chat!

Schedule Updates: Coding, Meetups, Twitch Streams, Etc.

Here is my updated schedule for the two weeks starting August 12th for my Twitch streams, the basic topics, meetups (a little beyond two weeks), and related events coming up.

Series: Thrashing Code General Calamity

This is going to be a mix of tech this week. Probably some database hacking, code hacking, samples, and setup of even more examples for use throughout your coding week!


This is a little further out than the next few weeks, but in August we’re having another meetup!

Series: Emerald City Tech Conversations

Join me and several guests, on several different days to get into particulars about programming, coding, hacking, ops, devops, or whatever comes up. Ask questions, inquire, infer, or inform we’re here for the conversation. Join my guests and I!

SeriesDataStax’s Apache Cassandra & C# Hour (C# Schema Migration builder, C# driver, and additional content). Navigate through to the DataStax Developers Channel to check out the event times.

The regularly occurring DataStax Devs series are continuing too, so join me, Cristina, Eric, and others on the team for these episodes and more. Check out the channel here!