Monday My Time, Wheels Rolling, Thrashing Code Metal Monday for July 15th 2019! \m/

First up a little trip back to that city with swagger, New Orleans for a little Exhorder. Seems they’re as heavy has ever!

Sonia Anubis shredding through one of her band’s songs, ripping it like she does!

Then why not a little Crazy ala Frog Leap Studios with Leo. Yeah, ANOTHER Britney Spears song turned into metal, putting it in a better state of existence.  \m/

Thugerdashery, Hacking, Designing, Thrashing, Hats, Hoodies, Beanies & Gats Yo!

I’m was hacking this Sunday after wrapping up a ton of work putting together the upcoming Docker screencast for Pluralsight, which I’m super stoked on it going live in the coming days. If you don’t have a subscription there you should go get one ASAP. However tonight, having wrapped that up I decided I’d work on some code for an upcoming project but then…

SQUIRREL! (Click for that scene)

…and then I got an idea to do a full stack implementation from Donnie…

…so then I made it happen, enjoy.

I did all of this instead, then wrote it down, made a video, threw together some stock images, edited the logo, some design, a theme, and some other elements all in about 35 minutes. Well, the site took 35 minutes, blogging it took way longer than that. But I needed a break from what I was doing, something to get myself out of the important code that I was working on so I could tackle it fresh again tomorrow. So with that I present to you, the Thugerdashery, the hat shop o’ thug life and a distraction of squirrely proportions. Enjoy…