Monday My Time, Wheels Rolling, Thrashing Code Metal Monday for July 15th 2019! \m/

First up a little trip back to that city with swagger, New Orleans for a little Exhorder. Seems they’re as heavy has ever!

Sonia Anubis shredding through one of her band’s songs, ripping it like she does!

Then why not a little Crazy ala Frog Leap Studios with Leo. Yeah, ANOTHER Britney Spears song turned into metal, putting it in a better state of existence.  \m/

Your Wake Up Lagniappe Dose!

Welcome to another metal Monday morning wake up call. Here’s your dose, get going, may your thrashing code be the best ever!

Unearth is back with some Incinerate!

If you dig Adele, here’s a version of the song Hello that’ll go over better for the metal inclined.

Then for a little melodic death metal, check out the this Deadtide.

For a little extra, check out this Behemoth cover by Ada Kaczanowska.