Top 4: “Nobody Reads Blogs… Except Everybody Read Blogs”

I know I know, the marketers say it’s all about the single articles now. Nobody reads blogs. Nobody subscribes to blogs. Ya know, except of course for that small percentage of people that do.

…marketing, it’ll make you insane if you’re not careful.

But seriously, here’s a few blogs that are actually worth reading. They’re worth subscribing to and surprisingly, they’re blogs that businesses organize and write. Yes, I have and might be writing for some of them in the future. But I’m honestly basing this list on a few specific criteria:

  • The blog has to include some technical content that is important to getting kick started with their product and getting kick started with other tooling around their space.
  • The blog has to include articles that have industry information that is relevant to conferences, meetups, and other community related activities.

Here’s my list of reads lately:

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Use or Read RSS Feeds Still? Here’s Your Tech Blogs

This is another one of those lists I’ve started putting together. I wanted to get it out there to the public. It all started with Hadi @HHariri converting his blog from WordPress to Jekyll using Github Pages. I’ve wanted to get a solid list of top blogs. One’s that have great content, solid writing, technical and mixed topics of tech, leadership and related to technology blogs. If you’re not reading blogs these days, now is as good a time as any to click the Feedly logo to the right and go get subscribing and reading! If you are reading some blogs, add them to the list!

To check out Hadi’s blog navigate over to For a kick start yourself, check out my entry on Bringing it All Together, Bringing to Life an Open Source Software Project via Github & Jekyll – Part 1.

To help out with the blog list, add a blog or three that you read regularly. Cheers and thanks!