Art, JavaScript, and Machine Learning with Amy Cheng at ML4ALL 2018

One talk that opened my mind to new ideas about where, how, and when to use machine learning was Amy Cheng’s @am3thyst talk on Machine Learning, Art, and JavaScript. I introduced her last year in my previous post, and am linking the talk below. Give it a watch, it’s worth the listen!

ML4ALL 2019 is on. CFP is still open, a little longer. It’s closing on the 18th. In addition we’ve got tickets available for early birds, but those will be gone soon too so pick one up while you can, it’s only a $200.00 bucks. You’ll basically be getting a ticket to conference that’ll be 10x the value of one of these big corporate conferences for $200 bucks, in the awesome city of Portland, and I can promise you it’ll be a conference you’ll get more out of then you currently think you will! Join us, it’s going to be a great time!

Say Hello to Jon and Amy @ML4ALL!

Welcome the next two speakers I’m introducing: Jon Oropeza and Amy Cheng!

jon-oropezaML Spends A Year In Burgundy

Jon (@joropeza) is coming to Portland from Portland to speak to us about Cote d’Or in Burgundy! He’s a hacker, grape lover, and Portlander that loves a good smooth wine made out of those grapes he loves!

Jon being a both a weather nerd and a wine nerd, he was curious if machine learning could be applied to vintages in an area where a) quality of wine varies greatly by year b) most of that variance has to do with weather patterns and different aspects of temperature and precipitation c) there are known, reasonably-objective classifications or ‘scores’ of each vintage, such that we could say that such-and-such year with such-and-such weather produced wines of good/bad/mediocre quality.

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