I’ll be Speaking @ Progressive .NET Tutorials in July

Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015


Recently Microsoft has really gotten it’s act together, at least for those of us that really love some of the Microsoft tools, but really don’t want to touch Windows. I’m perfectly happy not dealing with Windows, so this has been great news for me.

With the recent Build event Microsoft released Visual Studio Code, which is a fully cross-system compatible IDE that is lean, fast, and allows for building software with multiple languages. Of course, it works with several .NET languages such as F# and C#, and even will let you dive heavily in JavaScript Node.js based applications. I wrote a quick “Notes From the Front: 5 Minutes With Visual Studio #Code” a short while ago. Along with that I wrote “OS-X and F# [Clone It, Build It, Install It, Hack It]” and “Why F#, and Why Not Windows” as a follow up to this new growing world of Microsoft options.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Windows definitely has some plusses. It just isn’t the system I’d prefer these days, as it doesn’t hack it in the startup lands of Silicon Valley, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC, or other such places. In these lands, people speak and work with the *nix landscape first, and everything else is secondary. But that doesn’t remove the desire I have for applications, devices, and other tooling that enables compatibility across all of these systems.

With those thoughts, I sat down and started putting together some presentations on what’s possible with this new freedom around Microsoft tooling. Already I’d worked pretty extensively with Node.js and the tooling Microsoft has added to Visual Studio, Azure, and all those related things. Now I’m looking forward to checking out some of the other capabilities around F#, and the respective API options and other new OSS technologies like Akka .NET, and even M-brace. So here’s the gist of my presentation so far, and as I give this talk I’ll provide other related information on the page I’ve setup for the talk here.

Presentation Title: Visual Studio & .NET on OS–X, Linux, and Windows

From the inception of Mono on through to today’s Omnisharp and the introduction of Visual Studio Code at Build 2015. I’ll take a look at where cross-platform compatible solutions have been and where we are now with code samples along the way with some discussion on mobile topics too.

I’ll be adding a bit more to this also, and will have the demos and related code samples located here.

Who, What, When, Where

So where am I giving this presentation? Check out Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015 for more information. The conference is in London and I’m officially on the program page (so obviously I’m going eh!). They haven’t released the exact time of each talk, but what you should do is just come attend the whole conference! I’ll be speaking on the 3rd. The location of the conference is in the grand city of London, located specifically at this fine establishment.

I’ll have more about the conference and other technical tidbits in the near future. Very soon I will also be announcing a chance to win a ticket to Prog .NET Tutorials, so stay tuned, subscribe, and follow me on Twitter @adron for more info.