Simplifying bash & repl Use With F#

That prompt… let’s get F# so that we can compile and run a file in about a zillionth of a second from the repl.

First I setup a bash script that would be used to compile and then run the file. I created the file and simply named it “fs”. Inside the file I wrote the following script.

echo "Compiling F#" + $1
fsharpc "$1.fs"
mono "$1.exe"
echo "Running Executable" + $1

I put that in my scripts folder that I have added to my path in my ~/.bash_profile (or bashrc depending on what you’re rolling with).

export PATH="$PATH:~/Codez/scripts"

So now I have the ability to type in the following command and filename and the compile and the executable will be run. It makes for much easier repl usage.

fs theFileNameGoesHere

Got any tips or tricks to running F# somewhere besides Windows? Let me know and I’ll be sure to give you a shout out on Twitter and whenever I’m giving a presentation on hacking F# without Windows.

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