Want to Go To the Progressive .NET Conference in London?

…but you just need a ticket? Well here’s the deal. I’ve got a ticket, it fell from the tree of random tickets and I shall make it free to one who might want to go. Here’s the smallest catch that I have…

I want to have some extra demo code to show during my presentation on Visual Studio & .NET on OS–X, Linux, and Windows, and I’d love to talk somebody’s demo code up during my presentation. So throw together some demo code in C# or F# that shows something cool, mathematically crazy, or something else that’s interesting to you. This is up to you, so get some code committed to github and ping me with the repo. I’ll hook you up with a ticket to the Progressive .NET Conference in London the 1st, 2nd AND 3rd of July. The way to submit the code is super easy, this really shouldn’t take more than about 20-30 minutes for a ticket that is worth £395, which is over $600 bucks in US dollars – just sayin’, weak US dollar to the British pound and all!

Here’s the rules:

  1. You must submit the code to me before June 26th so I can get it thoroughly tested, because YES I will demo with it and give you a shout out.
  2. It must be in a simple C# or F# project that is either a console app or just a library that has tests for it that shows or describes what it is doing. (If you do this, I might even throw in another $100 bucks just because you wrote tests!)
  3. Put the code in a git repo, and push it up to github. I’ll check it out and declare a winner on the 27th of June.
  4. Ping me on twitter @Adron.

See you at Prog Net Conf 2015!