Getting Distributed – BOOM! The Top 3 Course Selections

A few months ago I posted a poll to ask what courses I should put together next. I just wrapped up and am putting the final edits and finishing touches on a Pluralsight Course on distributed databases, focusing on Riak. On the poll the top three courses, by a decent percentage of votes included the following:

  1. Node.js Distributed Systems – Bringing the Node.js Nodes together for Distributed Noes of Availability and Compute @ 12.14% of the vote.
    1. A Quick Intro to Node.js
    2. Introduction to Relevant Distributed Patterns
    3. How Does Node.js Fit Into the Distribution
    4. Working With Distributed Systems (AKA Avoiding a Big Ball of Mud)
    5. Build a Demo
  2. Distributed Systems Programming with Javascript @ 10.4% of the vote.
    1. Patterns for Distributed Programming
    2. …and I’m figuring the other sections out still for this one…  got ideas? It needs to encompass the client side as well as the non-client code side of things. So it’s sort of like the above course, but I’m focusing more on the periphery of what one deals with when dealing with developing on and around distributed systems as well as distributed systems themselves.
  3. Vagrant OS-X, Windows and Linux – how to build, manage and ship machines to use for development and recreation of production environments.
    1. Vagrant, What is it?
    2. OS-X, Linux and Windows
    3. Using Vagrant Machines
    4. Building Vagrant Dev Machines
    5. Vagrant the Universe!

Now I might flip this list, but either way they’re all going to be super cool. So stay tuned and I’ll be working up these into courses. So far here’s the sub-bullets above are the basics of the curriculum I intend to put forward. Am I missing anything? Would you like to see anything specifically? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get everything as packed in there as possible!!

3 thoughts on “Getting Distributed – BOOM! The Top 3 Course Selections

  1. On Distributed programing with Node and Riak I’d like direction on how to create API endpoints. Mongo has a web site tool for configuring and setting public / private data. What does Riak have?

    Not sure if more specific to Mongo rather than Riak. Path, Clipboard, architects running Node at scale say they learned to never have the web servers talk directly to MongoDB. Means they build a message queue between server and db and monitor queue. What tooling and how to? (or does Node take care of this queue)

    Assuming I have a barebones Node site in production (it’s my target). What is recommended tooling for monitoring the site end to end such that I can add more resources as traffic grows.

    1. I haven’t seen anything like Mongo has to use services via Riak. It’s just a manual process at this time. I did however throw the question out to the Riak Users email list. So maybe somebody else has stumbled upon something.

      As for the clients talking directly to the database, in the case of Riak that’s an absolutely catastrophic mistake to make as their needs to be a security layer in between. Unless of course it’s a 100% public system or something. Otherwise in almost every situation there needs to be a facade in between that can be locked down in some way or another. 🙂

      As for monitoring… I’m working on something regarding that at this very moment.

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