A Windows Azure Deployment with Node.js Video

I have been playing around with Windows Azure again, as it has gotten really solid and feature rich in the last year. So much so that it’s provided reasons for me to use it versus some of the default go to providers. One of the things that I’ve found immensely useful is the brain dead simple application deployment for Node.js using Github and Windows Azure.

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Cheers! Adron of Composite Code, Shredding Code.

3 thoughts on “A Windows Azure Deployment with Node.js Video

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  2. Much improved Azure devops. Everything was done from the web browser or the command line. Does this mean the requirment for a local Windows licence is now removed to deploy apps on Azure?

    My Macbook with bootcamp Windows is on its last legs. I want to switch to Chromebook Pixel. I can get a bash. However its ridicously easy to wipe the file system.

    Thanks for the quality video.

    1. Yup, no longer is there any need to have a “Windows” license of any sort. You can build, deploy and maintain 100% from a *nix based OS. Using OS-X or Linux is perfect. The Node.js code and deployment command line is also written in Node.js/JavaScript code so one can install that CL and it works seemlessly on whatever OS. Pretty slick…

      I’ll have more in the coming weeks as Azure has definitely gotten to a state that it is indeed a viable option for prototyping and development these days.

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