PDX & SEA Code Camp, OS Bridge, OSCON, Iron Foundry, Robotech and Action!

May has been insane. I’ve spent a total of about 3 days of the entire month where I live in Portland, OR. It’s kind of an odd feeling to try not to travel since I love it so much. But I’m going to try and take it easy  this month and next. Especially since some kick ass conferences and code camps are happening right here in Portland (and Seattle) which helps me spend some quality time right here with Stumptown (that’s a nick name for Portland btw). So here’s a run down of the crazy action happening in June and July. There are lots of events and I’ve got lots of things coming your way!

PDX & SEA Code Camps

I just wrapped up speaking at Portland Code Camp. Again, thanks for coming out and hearing about PaaS Technologies, Cloud Foundry, Tier 3, AppFog, AppHarbor, Continuous Deployment, Integration, and all the things that have been pushed forward with Platform as a Service!

At the upcoming Seattle Code Camp on June 16th I’ll be providing 3 presentation, or workshops, or sessions, or whatever you may want to call them.  Here’s a quick blurb about these, if interested, head down and I’ll make sure you get into the presentation workshop sessions. Also note the schedule, which no, I did not make the schedule so I apologize ahead of time that I will be talking about Node.js at the mind numbing early hour of 8 am.

  • Node.js Rulz! JavaScript takes over the full stack! => From the client side with some jQuery action to the back end with Node.js, with a touch of JavaScript Object Notation . JavaScript is everywhere these days and simplifying our lives. In this session I’ll run the full stack, with a live example, deployed to a live environment to show how JavaScript is freeing us from the constraints of the traditional development environment.
  • Removing the Operating System Barrier with Platform as a Service=> This session will cover the major advances of platform as a service technology, what’s available in the OSS space to enable faster, easier, higher quality software development cycles in the cloud. The session will complete with a demo of PAAS technology in use, deploying a highly scalable, distributed & dispersed web application.
  • Putting it All Together, Letting Apps Lead the Cycle, TDD In The Cloud =>  I’ll be taking a deep dive into cloud architectures and how to build applications, generally at the PaaS level mixed with a little IaaS, to get people rolling with high velocity, high quality, and without the need to worry about the little things.  Want to learn about why PaaS and cloud computing is altering the very fabric of the development cycle? Want to know how to dive in with some abstractions and behavioral practices on the cloud, using PaaS, to bring apps, prototypes, and UX to market faster than anyone else? I’ll be touching on all of these things during this long form session. The sessions will step through these core concepts and ideas.

OS Bridge

Ouch, they didn’t pick any of my sessions.  :'(  Well, even though I wasn’t selected to present I will absolutely be at OS Bridge and you should be too! So if you can get into Portland between the 26th and 29th of June make the endeavor! There will be great networking, sessions and you get an excuse to hit up Portland’s awesome Cart Selection of exquisite food (if you haven’t been here, I’m NOT kidding, it is indeed epic!). Be sure to say hello or let’s pair up on some code or hack some PaaS apps.


I’ll be attending OSCON, probably coding all the while. I’ll be reporting on a number of things, specifically the Cloud Track:

Rid the MAX to OSCON, from downtown, or the airport, or...
Rid the MAX to OSCON, from downtown, or the airport, or…

http://www.oscon.com/oscon2012/public/schedule/topic/805. If you’re going to be attending, again, ping me and we’ll meet and maybe build something, maybe start a twitter flame war and correct everything on the web, or something of that sort. Worse case scenario we’ll grab a beer and have some rocking conversations about OSS, Cloud Tech, and more.

Part II of this blog entry is coming a little later today…  so stay tuned for Robotech, Iron Foundry and all types of code action.