#nodejs, why I’m basically porting EVERYTHING to it…

Here’s my list of why I’m moving everything to Node.js that I run (i.e. maybe even THIS wordpress blog eventually).

  • Between the enhancements Google gave to JavaScript and the ease of use in writing with the language, it provides the least resistance of any framework and language stack out there.
  • Node.js + Express.js or Bricks.js + Jade + Every DB Choice on Earth really is a convincing reason too.
  • The developer community, if it isn’t now, is ridiculously close to the biggest development community on Earth. The JavaScript community goes into every corner of development too and crosses over easily into Ruby on Rails, .NET, and Java. Nobody is left untouched by JavaScript. This provides more avenues of joining up for projects than any other platform in existence.
  • Hiring for startups, mid- or enterprise business to build node.js and Javascript apps is 10x easier than hiring for anyone else right now. Which still makes it almost impossible. But that means it is “almost impossible” vs. “impossible” as it is with the other stacks!
  • Node.js is fast enough, and easy enough to distribute and less resource intensive than almost anything on the market. All that and it requires almost nothing to configure and setup compared to Apache, IIS, and a bunch of those other solutions.
  • The PaaS Solutions out there, thanks in large part to Nodejitsu, Nodester, and even the Windows Azure Node.js team have made deploying Node.js apps the easiest stack to deploy around – hands down – no contest.
  • Node.js uses JavaScript (if you haven’t noticed) and most of the NoSQL solutions already speak the common language, JSON or BSON which makes layering more transparent in your architectures.
  • I could go on… but you get the idea.  Node.js + JavaScript makes life EASIER and gives me more time to do other things. Other stacks typically have me tweaking and tinkering (which I do find fun) for hours more at a time per project than a Node.js Project. Generally though, I like to get a beer at some point, and Node.js get me there earlier!

Sure, I’m sticking to being polyglot. I’m even headed to the Polyglot Conference in Vancouver BC this evening. But nothing is as approachable as Node.js + JavaScript. Looking forward to a lot of PaaS discussion around Node.js and getting interoperability against .NET, Java, Rails and other frameworks.

So expect to see a lot more Node.js and JavaScript bits on the blog!  🙂   Cheers!