PDX & SEA Code Camp, OS Bridge, OSCON, Iron Foundry, Robotech and Action! Stage II

I usually don’t post two blog entries in one day, but I had so much to rattle on about it seemed like a rule to break.

DeployCon, Cloud Expo and Cloud Bootcamp

I’ll be speaking at the Cloud Bootcamp at the Cloud Expo in New York City. So if you’re coming to the conference, swing by and let’s talk PaaS and the future of software development and cloud computing. I’m looking forward to the event, it’ll be a good time and has a lot of educational content.

Also during Cloud Expo, be sure to check out the DeployCon. The DeployCon Conference is a PaaS Conference put together by Rishidot Research. Check out more information here.

Iron Foundry

Over on the Iron Foundry Project we’re going to be putting together some new material on what’s next, where we are on the project and where we are headed. The effort will be pushing forward with some possible hackathons or installathons for those interested. So if anyone is keen on checking out the latest and greatest of .NET PaaS options available, send me an e-mail and we’ll start coordinating some efforts.


Yeah? Do you know the designation of the fighter type?
Yeah? Do you know the designation of the fighter type?

So why am I bringing up animated Anime from the 80s? Well, I was a pretty huge fan of the series, played the RPG, and own a few of the toys. Which yes, puts me in the nerd realm all that much more.

Know what this is?
Know what this is?

For the next few months I’ve decided that we’re going with Robotech for code names of our projects. Who is “we”? I mean that in the sense that any and all projects I’m working on are going to be prototype names from Robotech. So if you notice a Robotech theme going on, that’s the reason.

Action Shots

As promised, action shots…

…the Destroids stand guard over Portland and the Zentraedi onslaught. Just my creative dorky side.

Destroids standing ready...
Destroids standing ready…