The Non-Microsoft Realm, Collecting Rubies Part II

Just a quick Friday night entry with helpful tidbits… cheers!

Part I of the Collecting Rubies Series.

RVM Gemsets

A few steps when setting up Gemsets with RVM. With a few other commands that can often be helpful.

Functionality by line:

  1. Get a list of the current available gemsets.
  2. Creates a gemset called theNameOfTheSiteToCreate.
  3. Lists the name of the current gemset.
  4. Delete the gemset named theNameOfTheSiteToCreate.
  5. This lists the current Ruby Version selected.
rvm gemset list
rvm gemset create theNameOfTheSiteToCreate
rvm gemset name
rvm gemset delete theNameOfTheSiteToCreate
rvm list


Check out the git-flow github account.

To install:

wget --no-check-certificate -q -O - | sudo sh

…then just type git flow and you’ll see this prompt, which provides some functionality that is usable right away…

usage: git flow

Available subcommands are:
   init      Initialize a new git repo with support for the branching model.
   feature   Manage your feature branches.
   release   Manage your release branches.
   hotfix    Manage your hotfix branches.
   support   Manage your support branches.
   version   Shows version information.

SQL Lite 3

Check out the sqlite3 site.

To install:

sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev

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