Completed Multiple Project Support in Infrastructure Solution Project

Still not sure what to call the infrastructure project. One suggestion that came up was, “Visual Fluent NInfrastructure .NET Sharp“.  It’s all trendy and wordy and can be turned into an unpronouncable acronym, VFN.NET#.  Anyway, got ideas?  Throw a comment on the post!  🙂

I got the multiple project completed and uploaded as template v1.1.

For information on how I put together the multiple project template, check out the links on the wiki here:

Also am working to add a basic vertical implementation of NHibernate up to the views with basic CRUD operations just for an example.  I’m pondering if that should be done as a separate template, maybe titled something like “template w/ samples”?  Then keeping the core template with only the skeleton code.

For more information on the project, check out the github infrastructure project page.