iPhone == IE6 ? Yeah, You Heard It? iPhone Dev is?

So I was reading some blogs related to Windows 7 on Mobile and iPhone Development.  I will say right off, I am biased AGAINST developing for the iPhone because the development environments, language, and other characteristics are horrible.  Horrible being a kind way to put it.  The iPhone may seem like some whiz bang advanced phone, but the development of it is somewhat archaic at best.

This character quirksmode wrote a great write up about The iPhone Obsession.  In the write up the IE6 and iPhone Parallel is drawn.  Eerily the writer makes a VERY good point.

For now, that is all, I liked the write up and want to do more mobile development, but the iPhone Development has got to feel some heat and either modernize and improve, or die.

I will admit, I love my iPhone.  Again though, I hate developing for it and the process compared to developing for most other things.  Even developing for the previous Windows Mobile Phones was better.  Albeit Windows Mobile phones of the past where HORRIBLE in UX and UI overall.  No comparison there.

I do see though, if Microsoft plays their cards right, they could make some serious inroads to Mobile Development with Windows 7 Mobile.  The initial screen shots and descriptions I have heard seem pretty awesome.  Some very very picky developers I know have seen and played with some of the devices, and they love it.

So we shall see.  May the battle begin!