Code Camp, Bar Camp, Camp Time

The first Code Camp & Bar Camp, which is joining forces, was held tonight.  With representatives from Code Camp, Legion of Tech, and the SQL Group Organizers were all on hand to kick off the discussion.

One of the primary focus points was, should we have a two day or single day event?  It makes me wonder what would be better for a 800 person or so event.  Two days better, one day better?  Short days, longer days that run until 10pm?  What is your take on the matter?

More to come later, so keep an eye out for the Code, Bar, SQL Camp Event o’ the year!

2 thoughts on “Code Camp, Bar Camp, Camp Time

  1. I would think two days would be better than one. Especially if there are a lot of attendees that want to check out both SQL lectures and lectures on other development technologies. Down here in Jax last August the Jax DUG and the SQL group joined forces for the annual code camp for Jax and presented 6 different ‘tracks’. One for SQL Server and the rest were other types of development (C#, JAVA, mobile apps, etc.) I attended only the SQL lectures since they were all so good, but I really wanted to check out a few of the others as well. If it had been a two day event, I think I would have gotten a lot more out of it.

  2. I was thinking that myself. The group has since decided to go with a 1 day event to assure resources, but also make that one day event go on to about 10pm if need be. Get everything rolled into one hard core day of geek nerd code craziness.

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