Toy Adobe AIR Apps, Social Media Gets a Kick

Outlook and the team responsible for said product, are really pushing hard for the 2010 release.  Of course, I can’t talk about it, but yes, I have seen it and it looks & plays awesome!  However, social media got a slight extra kick from Microsoft recently with the Outlook Social Connect.  The Webtrends blog has an entry up Outlook’s Social Connect:  Social isn’t just AIR toys anymore! by Michelle Anderson.

This got me thinking about various efforts that I know are going on to bridge a lot of this social media deluge.  I get the feeling there are going to be some truly breathtaking applications hit the scene in the later part of the year or even early 2011.  My curiosity hangs around what will they bridge?  Outlook is a prime example of bridging data points that become truly useful information.  With all the addins that Outlook encompasses, one truly becomes a powerhouse power user with a tool like Outlook.

I have been working on some things myself, including proposing a new open source library to bring together services into a centralized library for ease of use.  Anyone got any ideas on that?  Interested?  Thoughts on which services should be brought together first?  The following are the services I am thinking about providing libraries for initially.

The reasoning behind these of course, is purely selfish.  I want to have easy access via an API to these services because I use them.  In addition, I figured there are others out there that may like a centralized library.  So toss me some ideas of other services, if anything, I can maybe create a starting point.