@webtrends #wtengage Conference Rocked!

Week before Mardi Gras, the Saints rocked and won the Super Bowl, and @webtrends threw an awesome #wtengage Conference.  Props out to the long list of Webtrends People there;  @DashLavine, @caseycarey, @webtrendspeter, @justinogarrity, @sullybridgetb, @kaykas, @justinkistner, @michelewarther, @mrdiggles, @yodera, @vkenkal, @derekfine, @ekrobi, @mccook, @robinoula, @benfogarty, @noexg, @thomschoenborn, @mediachick, and others!  The event was awesome, great sessions, great knowledge transfer, great food, just great ? period!

Also must say the meetings, meets, and introductions were great.  I’m glad to have met dozens and dozens of people and get those names and faces connected.  Finally caught up with; @seanpower, @johnlovett, @christineconley, @ed1chandler, @bullfrogmedia, @ebeane, @cgrantski, @drcasio, @nadolski, and many others.  Then there are others I met and caught up with and still got more catching up to do; @aknecht and @bosilytics.

Seriously, all of these individuals are rock stars in the analytics community.  The conversations, new ideas, thoughts, and general kicking around New Orleans was a great time.  If you are interested in the next Webtrends Engage (and you ought to be if you do anything with analytics), check out the 2011 Conference coming to San Francisco.

Code Camp Kick Off

In other news, Code Camp is kicking off real soon.  Specifically, the kick off meeting is tonight here at Webtrends.  This year Code Camp is going to be pretty huge.  I am guessing at around 400-500 people, more sessions, more geeking & nerding about, it will be an awesome time for all.  So keep reading and I will be posting more tidbits about the upcoming Code Camp.